The Unofficial Guide to Buying Dog Id Tags Online…

Does your dog wear id tags?

We’ve been asking dog owners online this question and the results we’ve been seeing….

Are worrying.

But first lets begin with…


Why dog id tags are so important?

After all we’ve dedicated a whole post to it right!?

According to statistics more than 50% of dog owners do NOT have ID tags for their dog.

Yet the stats for missing dogs rises every year….

Despite a continuous barrage of fancy new devices coming out more nothing seems to be working.

So we started asking why!

Id tags for your dog are cheap and in some countries mandatory…

Take a look at what they do in Kampala to dogs who don’t wear id tags below:

However when began asking questions…

What we found out was surprising!

The problem wasn’t that dog owners didn’t want to purchase dog id tags…

Instead it was a problem with the ordering process!

See most people are now buying their dog id tags online…

And that can get confusing!

Just look at this thread on reddit…

It’s bonkers!

Most dog owners without id tags find the ordering process a nightmare and rightly so.

Furthermore, the majority of people wanting dog tags also want them engraved.

So where the heck do you begin?

After all if the ordering process is this difficult, how hard is getting them engraved going to be?

And how expensive?

Well let us take the confusion out of this by introducing…

Our Un-Official guide to buying dog id tags online!


Start Here…

We wanted to give you our no#1 pick for buying dog id tags online.

Click the hyperlink above or visit: to get the most beautiful id tags online…


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Order today and you can thank us later :)

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